In 2013, Fred Lofgren and his wife took ownership of the longstanding property management company, T.J. Guyer Property Management.

Lofgren first met Tom as his student in the 1980s. When Guyer decided to retire and sell his business, he approached Lofgren with a generous offer.

tj guyer property management
Fred Lofgren loves getting to know people he interacts with through T.J. Guyer Property Management.

Lofgren already owned a few rental properties, and was working at Uhlmann Motors at the time. It was a job he loved, but he was excited about the prospect of taking over Guyer’s business. He laughs as he tells about how much he had to learn quickly. “My perspective was from that of a landlord, and I thought I had all the skills and knowledge I needed. But as a property management firm, I have to wear several hats. For example, I’m the employee if I’m managing a place for someone.”

“I was humbled within the first day,” continues Lofgren. “There are a lot of moving parts. Tom and Jude Guyer started from nothing and built this business. I’ve been incredibly privileged to step into it.”

Dealing with people is Lofgren’s favorite part. “I love getting to know owners and tenants. I’ve met some great people in this business,” he adds.

tj guyer property management
Sheila Hawkins keeps up the “command center” board.

While Lofgren is busy, he does have some time for fun. His two daughters, now 17 and almost 21, played a variety of sports over the years. Lofgren spent a lot of time coaching soccer and fastpitch teams, as well as many years of basketball, of which he loves. “Now that the girls have gotten older, we’re really just enjoying our time with family,” he explains. “And we’re blessed we came into this business at this time of our lives.”

When asked if his daughters plan to get into the family business, Lofgren just smiles. “There is nothing I’d love more than for my daughters to come to work with me. My older daughter has other plans, but my younger daughter actually gets released from school one hour a day to come and work in the office. She learns how the business operates and how customers and clients are treated.”

tj guyer proptery management
Maggi Beckett, Dale Bieker, and Tom Guyer are some of the excellent staff working at T.J. Guyer Property Management.

T.J. Guyer Property Management works with approximately 1,700 properties in Lewis, Thurston, Pierce, Grays Harbor and Clark counties. The company manages home rentals and commercial properties. “We try to tailor services to the needs of our customers which are owner and tenant based,” says Lofgren explaining that their business can provide a wide variety of services.

“We are very careful to do our due diligence to take care of our tenants. We are as transparent as possible. We aim to do what is honest, fair, and right,” he adds.

Lofgren praises his staff as an integral part of the success of T.J. Guyer Property Management. “We have really good people who care. Our company and its success is because of each person that works here.” Business has doubled in the past three years, so the number of staff has also increased. Currently there are 14 office staff for T.J. Guyer. I-5 Maintenance & Repair, a subsidiary, employs eight full-time and 20 part-time employees.

tj guyer
Christine Percell and Patty Myer greet visitors to the office, as well as handle many phone calls and requests for information.

“This is a team that has a common desire to take care of people. When you walk into our office, we want you to feel important,” says Lofgren, noting the company’s tagline.

Lofgren’s future plans range from simple to grand, continuing to promote the company as a resource for both the rental market and investment market. And, the grand plan – “I would like to pass T.J. Guyer down to the next person so that the company will be around for the next generation.”

T.J. Guyer Property Management
1646 S. Market Blvd.
Chehalis, WA 98532


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