Founded in July 2018, Nature Nurture Farmacy offers Naturopathic medicine to the Lewis County community. Dr. Alicia Spalding is a Naturopathic Physician, Winlock alumna, Bastyr University graduate and founder of Nature Nurture Farmacy.

Nature Nurture Farmacy
Find Nature Nurture Farmacy in their new location just behind the Chehalis Library. Photo courtesy: Nature Nurture Farmacy

Recently, Nature Nurture Farmacy relocated to the previous office of Dr. Jeanie Adams in Chehalis. Dr. Alicia is currently seeing patients in the comfortable and cozy space. The accessible building allows for different care options and techniques such as contrast hydrotherapy, foot baths, constitutional hydrotherapy, and a sauna for a quick detox. Treatments can range from treating acute illness such as a cold/flu or to help with chronic health conditions, allergies, general detox and aging well. Bodywork and massage are other options for treating a variety of ailments. With the new space, there’s an opportunity for community classes and for other care providers to offer various treatments such as acupuncture.

“We must take active roles as individuals in our health and incorporate healthy supporting behaviors into all aspects of life to find peace, happiness and balance,” says Dr. Alicia. “We are all on our own individual health journeys, and what we need at any given moment can change. Not only are we on a journey as individuals, but we are also all connected as a community. NNF aims to connect the community with nature and with each other.”

As a Community Health Center, Nature Nurture Farmacy offers a place to access the foundations of health, learn the basics of nutrition, movement, breathwork and connect to tools and services to support individuals and families. As a non-profit organization, Nature Nurture Farmacy’s mission is to build community health using herbal medicine, sustainable food cultivation and empowering education. 

Nature Nurture Farmacy

Treatment Options

  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Sleep support
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy aging education
  • Sports physicals
  • Herbal medicine and nutraceuticals
  • Treatment specific bodywork
  • Stretching and breathwork
  • Acupuncture and acupressure (based on clinician availability)
  • Referrals to other services

New Location and Expanded Services

When Dr. Alicia returned to Lewis County, she knew she wanted to help those in the rural community live their best lives. After opening a clinic in Chehalis, treatments and educational efforts were limited by space. Now, there is not only more room at the new location, but there is also more of the health care office feel with a comfortable twist. With two treatment rooms, Dr. Alicia can see more patients and offer larger educational opportunities in-house. 

“When COVID hit and we realized it wasn’t going away, we wanted to offer “no barrier” sliding-scale health care,” says Dr. Alicia. “We want to make it accessible and offer foundational type of medicine. Being in this larger space allows us to have other practitioners volunteering with us like acupuncturists and bodyworkers, which opens the door for people to experience services they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.” 


With multiple rooms, Nature Nurture Farmacy offers treatments such as craniosacral therapy and cupping. Acupuncture is available on the first Saturday of each month. Sauna treatments are just $25 for a half-hour session or book a full sauna treatment with Dr. Alicia which includes a detoxing cold sheet wrap. The expanded space allows for even more volunteer practitioners.

Nature Nurture Farmacy
Dr. Alicia can help the whole family with their health goals. Photo credit: Krysta Carper

Health and Wellness for Everyone

Dr. Alicia believes health and wellness are a right for everyone, not a privilege for some. With a sliding scale, no barrier care, patients can seek treatment regardless of their ability to pay. At Nature Nurture Farmacy, they believe health care shouldn’t be inaccessible because someone doesn’t have insurance or money to pay what insurance will not cover. 

“The general fee for services is $50 per appointment, but if you are not able to pay the full amount when you come in, you pay what you can,” says Zoe Sheed, Operations Manager at Nature Nurture Farmacy. “Sometimes people are able to pay it forward, and they can pay the full $50 or even $100 or other weeks it is $10 or $15. This model allows Dr. Alicia to see a lot of people in need whether they have insurance or not.” 


Nature Nurture Farmacy offers a bulk herb dispensary available to the public for purchase. Are you looking for a tea blend to treat something specific? Dr. Alicia can offer recommendations based on individual health goals with a quick and easy consultation at the community health center. Herbs are also available for purchase to mix on your own. 

Nature Nurture Farmacy
Get herbs locally from Nature Nurture Farmacy. Photo courtesy: Nature Nurture Farmacy

“There are not many places to get quality bulk herbs without leaving the county,” says Dr. Alicia. “The herbs we carry here are things I often recommend to patients and herbs that grow locally. It’s all about making it easy and accessible, so they don’t have to order them online and get them in a couple of weeks. We also teach people how to grow or forage for the herbs they are using.”

Nature Nurture Farmacy also offers items from local vendors such as lavender hydrosol and essential oil from Toledo Lavender. As a Community Health Center, Nature Nurture Farmacy hosts the work of other local folks who don’t have the space to sell their products related to healthy living, gardening, food and nutrition. 


Another aspect of Nature Nurture Farmacy is the availability of supplements to support your health. Find a variety of health-supporting products accessible through the apothecary and community health center. They work to acquire free herbal products and supplements to distribute through the community health center including Wise Woman Herbal, Bioceutical Nutraceuticals and Host Defense Mushrooms from Fungi Perfecti. “It’s a great addition to what we do,” says Zoe. 

Seed Library 

Nature Nurture Farmacy
Get what you need to get growing at Nature Nurture Farmacy. Photo credit: Krysta Carper

Now more than ever, people are seeking food that is healthy but also accessible. With the expanded space, Nature Nurture Farmacy offers an even bigger free seed library. Gardeners can find thousands of seeds and hundreds of varieties, all neatly indexed in the lobby at Nature Nurture Farmacy. People simply give what they have in excess and take what they need. 

Food as Medicine 

Dr. Alicia believes food is medicine and teaching it should start at a young age. She was the force behind the Winlock Community Garden at Winlock Middle High School. With the help of students, teachers, and volunteers, the garden is a space for growing food and learning. NNF is also launching a project in conjunction with the Cowlitz Tribe, Toledo Learning Garden and Winlock Community Garden to offer community classes at all three sites.

When the pandemic began, Dr. Alicia quickly shifted gears to get kids growing good food at home. With the help of volunteers and donations from local farms, 500 garden kits were distributed to local families. Sustainable food cultivation is essential, and Nature Nurture Farmacy is there to provide the community necessary resources to make that happen. Do you know of a group that would benefit from a garden? NNF has the know-how to get it going.

Community Connections

Nature Nurture Farmacy
This stunning mural gracing the walls of Nature Nurture Farmacy was pained by Suno Henna’s Susan Clark of Chehalis. Photo credit: Krysta Carper

When it came time to move the office, the new space needed a facelift, and the community answered the call. Market St. Ace Hardware graciously donated paint, and artist Susan Clark of Suno Henna offered her talents on a beautiful mural. 

“It’s really wonderful to have so many local folks coming to help us out,” says Zoe. “There have been a lot of community members coming together to make the move possible. We love the new location as it is close to where we were, but now, we feel like we are part of the downtown community. There’s more foot traffic stopping by to see what we are doing, which is nice.”

Dr. Alicia and Zoe invite everyone to stop by and see Nature Nurture Farmacy’s new space, learn more about what they do and grab some seeds, herbs or supplements while you are there. Nature Nurture Farmacy is always looking for opportunities to grow so they can continue serving the community, educating all ages and helping others live a healthy, connected whole foods-based life. Watch for an upcoming open house both at the end of May both in person and virtually. For health care that is holistic, gentle, inclusive and given in a naturally supportive way, reach out to Nature Nurture Farmacy. They are open Tuesday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Nature Nurture Farmacy
176 NE School St.

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