Submitted by the Community Farmers Market of Chehalis

The Community Farmers Market of Chehalis is reaching out because we feel that we have an important message to share in these trying times. The resiliency of a local food economy in the midst of global crises is important and farmers markets are a significant avenue to access quality food.Home Carpet Warehouse

CFM is a cooperative of local farmers, food producers, and artisans within the South Sound and Lewis County region. We are a 501c3 organization dedicated to providing points of direct sales of locally produces farm goods and artisan products. We are also dedicated to educating the community on local food, healthy eating, and providing food access.

Farmers Market of Chehalis
Produce at Chehalis Farmers Market. Photo courtesy: Community Farmers Market

We all have to keep eating, as we know grocery stores and farmers markets are staying open throughout the pandemic. Locally grown produce is much safer when it comes to the spread of a virus than produce purchased from a grocery store. There are exponentially fewer hands touching your food before it reaches your plate. Less chance of contamination in transport, in storage, in sorting, in quality control, and on the grocery shelf.

You can shop locally to reduce your risk of contamination!

As our economy seems to crumble around us, we still need functional food networks in order to stay strong. While multi-national food companies await federal bailout, our local farmers are still producing safe, clean and nutritious food. There isn’t a better way to vote for a more resilient future or a stronger local food economy.

The Chehalis Farmers Market will open on May 5 from 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. on Boistfort St. for a Spring Plant Sale. What’s even safer than purchasing local produce? Growing it yourself! After that sale, we will permanently open on the first Tuesday of June.

We know how difficult these times are, especially on the already vulnerable within our community. For this reason and thanks to donations from BNFS Railway and the DOH Market Match, the Chehalis Farmers Market will be matching all EBT purchases dollar for dollar with no cap through the end of June.

EBT matching is a program first launched by the Chehalis Market in 2019. When EBT recipients come to the info booth and run their EBT card, they receive double the value of their purchase in market tokens or vouchers.

This year we have significantly expanded our funding for this program and we are excited to be able to offer additional food access in this way!

Chehalis Farmers Market
The Community Farmers Market of Chehalis is an important part of the community.

Lewis County Markets Working Together

EBT Matching vouchers which are a part of the State-Wide Market Match program are redeemable at any farmers market within Washington state that supports Market Match. This includes the Centralia Farmers Market on Fridays and the Toledo Thursday Market.

Consider Supporting Us

CFM has, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, had to cancel the majority of our spring fundraisers. This is a critical time when we rely on those funds for operations and season-opening advertising. Without our spring fundraisers, we will be at a disadvantage and struggling to pay our one part-time staff person.

Any donation to the Farmers Market at this time is so appreciated. You can donate through our Facebook page or on our website.

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