Lewis County – A Remarkable Place Filled with Phenomenal People

As the editor of LewisTalk, I get a front row seat to some of the most positive, uplifting and inspirational stories in Lewis County. This is truly a remarkable place filled with absolutely phenomenal people – and I only see a small portion of all the wonder our county holds.

When I’m not publishing stories about the amazing people, places and positive aspects of life here in L.C., I’m out enjoying them first hand.

Just this week, my husband and I were eating lunch at Berry Fields Cafe in Centralia (side note – their French Dip Sandwich is amazing!) We had a wonderful meal and a good chat. Then, just as we were about to pay the bill, we realized it was gone.

It had been laying on the table just a moment before. Turns out the waitress had taken it back.


Because the elderly gentleman at the table next to us paid our bill – just to be nice.

There is an unequivocal delight in being treated to lunch by a stranger who footed the bill just to bestow a little kindness on someone else’s day. We stayed and chatted with the man and his wife for a minute longer. I half expected them to try to sell us something or give us a religious pitch, but no. They just wanted to be kind.


I love Lewis County. And I LOVE the people who live here.

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