Tina Goss, a local yoga director and fitness instructor at Thorbeckes Fitness, was recently a contestant on “The Price is Right,” winning the Showcase Showdown. Having lived in Chehalis for almost 13 years, Tina is a wife and a mom to two girls that attend W.F. West High School.

This isn’t her family’s first run in with game show fame. Her husband, Bret Goss, also won the Showcase Showdown in 2013. Her mother-in-law, Darlene Goss, won prizes when she was on the show in 1996. Darlene went with Tina this time around to try to get on the show again.

Tina Goss shows her excitement after her winning bid of $26,707 on a Showcase valued at $29,513. Photo courtesy: Tina Goss.

In the episode, which aired on CBS on December 19, Tina won a pair of smart luggage suitcases to get up on stage. That is when she played the Range Game and won a trip for two to Grenada, Spain. In the Showcase Showdown, she won a half-carat diamond ring, $3,000 cash, a trip to the Mall of America in Minneapolis and a Jeep Renegade SUV.

Tina plans to share her winnings with her family. She will take her daughters to the Mall of America and the family is keeping the Jeep. Tina and Bret will be celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary this year with the trip to Spain. Tina even gave her mother-in-law Darlene the diamond ring for Christmas.

In 2013 during his episode, Bret won $500 for getting the price exactly right to get up on stage with a shuffleboard table as the prize. He played the game “Now or Then” and won a 32-inch outdoor television and a BBQ bar stool set. When it was his turn to spin the wheel he landed on the $1.00 which meant he won $1,000 and a chance for a bonus spin. In the bonus spin, he got the five which gave him an extra $10,000. At his Showcase Showdown, he won a fire-pit table, a trip for two to Iceland and a 2013 Chevy Sonic.

Tina and her mother-in-law Darlene had custom made shirts for the show. Photo courtesy: Tina Goss.

“I’d say the biggest difference is that I knew exactly what to expect because of going with Bret,” explains Tina. “I knew how the whole process goes from the time you enter the gates to the time you leave the studio. We are very competitive, so he likes to say that he did better because he won the $1.00 and the bonus on the wheel.” Bret’s total prizes valued at $47,713. The total worth of Tina’s winnings is $43,477, making the couple’s total “The Price is Right” prizes valued at $91,190.

Tina should start receiving the prizes from her winnings any time. Prizes typically take 60-90 days to arrive after the taping of the show, which was November 6. Winners have to pay the California sales tax of seven percent before they release any of the prizes. Fortunately, Tina won $3,000 in cash, so it will almost be a wash for the taxes.

When asked about tips for people who might be interested in trying to win on “The Price is Right” Tina explains, “There is definitely a combination of preparedness and luck to get selected for the show. I’m a super fan and know the games, know the show and by watching every day I’m familiar with the prices of items. It’s always good to have a catchy shirt. You are interviewed by a producer who ultimately picks who is going to get called to come on down, so that’s where you need to really connect with them and be authentic.”

Tina Goss bid a $1,158 bid for smart luggage and was able to come on down to play “The Range Game” and meet host Drew Carey. Photo courtesy: Tina Goss.

One funny behind-the-scenes was when Tina played the “Range Game.” Tina shares, “At the beginning of the game, Drew introduced the stagehand who is on a platform behind the game who makes the range go up and down. When I hit the button, I hit it so hard the guy fell off the platform. That’s why you see me say ‘I’m sorry’ on the show, but none of the introduction of the guy was on there.”

Surprised by how quickly the experience flew by while on the show, Tina really enjoyed meeting the people of “The Price is Right.” What stands out for her the most was her interactions with the other contestants. “We congratulated each other and talked about what had happened and how exciting it all was.” As for watching herself on television, Tina says the experience was very bizarre. She tried to remember how the experience was in the moment but it was sensory overload at the time.

When asked if they will keep the family tradition going, Tina says, “Our oldest turns 18 this year so we will see what happens.” Tina also says she has always wanted to be on “Survivor” and has auditioned, but has no immediate plans to try out for any other game show.

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