The first year of business for I-5 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat (I-5 Dodge) in Chehalis has been one of stellar growth. When the company bought the assets of Campbell Chrysler Dealership in Centralia in April 2016, they wanted to serve as a local location that offered quality service and competitive prices. Over the past year, the dealership has more than delivered on their promise, bringing affordable vehicles to people in Lewis County and beyond – way beyond.

“We have people come from all over, not just Washington, but all over the western United States because of our competitive pricing and lower sales tax,” explains Rob Snyder, sales manager for I-5 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat. “This definitely contributed to our large growth during the first year.”

“When it comes down to it, pricing is what sells a vehicle,” says Armando Juarez, sales manager for the dealership. “So we make sure our prices are ultra-competitive when it comes to new vehicle inventory.”

I-5 Dodge
I-5 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat found the recipe for rapid-growth includes great customer service and killer deals on new vehicles. Photo courtesy: The Silver Agency I-5 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat found the recipe for rapid-growth includes great customer service and killer deals on new vehicles.
Photo credit: The Silver Agency

All dealerships have the same manufacturer rebates that are set by the vehicle manufacturing company. Where dealers differ are the discounts that they offer on the new vehicles. These are set by the dealer and so can vary greatly from dealership to dealership. I-5 Dodge ensures their dealer offers are very competitive so that they are not undersold. They feel this makes car buying a bit simpler, something everyone wishes.

“We are easier to do business with because of our prices,” says Juarez. “If you do your research, you will come here to buy your vehicle because we have the lowest pricing.”

Pricing is just the starting point. They want to make sure their customers have a pleasant experience when purchasing a vehicle. Local sales people give the dealership a “small town” feel even if they have prices that are better than any “big city dealer.”

Serving Beyond Lewis County

This philosophy has served them well as the teams says most of their business is through referrals – friends and family of people who have enjoyed buying a vehicle from I-5 Dodge so much that they recommended them to others. And their competitive pricing has attracted people from all over to their dealership.

I-5 Dodge
Buying a car can be a big hassle, especially when you have to haggle over price. I-5 Dodge strives to make this easier by offering the best dealer discounts around. Photo courtesy: The Silver Agency

“We get people all over from referrals, because our sales tax is less and our prices are so low,” says Snyder. People from Seattle and surrounding areas are regular customers of the dealership, but so are people from Alaska and all over Oregon. They even helped one man from Colorado get the vehicle he needed when his used truck starting having trouble in the middle of a road trip from his home state to Alaska.

“We had the vehicle he wanted and we had the best price. Even after checking three other dealerships, including the one from Idaho, we had the lowest price,” Juarez says. “We also helped him by doing all the out-of-state paperwork for him to help him get back on the road faster.”

Welcome the Fiat

In the middle of their first year of business, they acquired a Fiat franchise as well and are now offering their stellar competitive pricing on these amazing, sporty vehicles. The new Fiat Spider is an especially popular model. It is a cute, sporty convertible with a retro look. It has the only turbo engine in its class, making it a very powerful four-cylinder. And with an estimated 35 highway miles per gallon, it’s a great commuter car with today’s gas prices.

“We are the only Fiat dealer between Fife and Portland, so there was definitely a need for one,” says Juarez.

Moving Forward

I-5 Dodge Hellcats
Sales Manager Rob Snyder poses with the Hellcat, placed in the center of the showroom. Photo credit: Greg Carlson.

I-5 Dodge is seeing continued growth and expects to double their sales in the next year just by sticking to their philosophy. “We are committed to continue growing through our stellar customer service and by making it easy to do business,” says Juarez. “This includes continuing to have the best prices out there.”

Currently, they are offering a special where they will match any written dealer discount offer from another dealer on any new vehicle.

To buy your next car from I-5 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat, stop in at the dealership located at 1560 NW State Avenue in Chehalis, visit the I-5 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat website or call 888-329-6062.


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