July was a great month here at LewisTalk with more readers than ever checking out all the great happenings in our community. But which stories did our readers most love? As always, what you love are stories about the people you know—your local business owners and people doing positive things for Lewis County communities—essentially, your neighbors and friends.

In July, those top stories included an inspiring piece about a man who has not let his disability stop him and uses local Twin Transit to keep on the move, u-pick farms in the area (because what’s better than fresh-picked berries in the summer!), and one of the finest acts for kids in town.

Read below to check out these stories for yourself!

1. Twin Transit Keeps Chuck Bode Moving Forward

Chuck Bode (in pink) with his son Bill Bode and three grandaughters, knows he couldn’t have gotten where he is today without his family’s support. Photo courtesy: Chuck Bode

After an infection left Chuck Bode paralyzed from the shoulders down, mobility and getting around town became an issue he had to tackle. With the help of Twin Transit, he’s able to get to the gym, the doctor’s office or even just run to the drug store on a near-daily basis. Writer Kate Scriven found out—the fact is that sometimes the bus is more that just a bus. Some bus services can literally change someone’s life.

2. U-Pick Farms in Lewis County

Bunker Creek Berry Patch offers eight different varieties of blueberries for the berry picker. Photo courtesy: Shereen Bennight

Summer is here and the sun is high in the sky. There are tons of ways to enjoy the outdoors during these warm months, but picking berries and other fruits is one of the best ways…because what other outdoor activities mean you get to come home with a flat full of delicious local berries? Author Shanda Veatch gathered up this list of places in Lewis County where you can pick your own berries.

3. Guy Steele Turns into Mr. Twister off the Clock

Guy Steele is a business developer by day and a balloon artist off the clock.

By day, Guy Steele is a business developer. When he’s off the clock, he’s a well-known balloon artist called Mr. Twister. Is it complicated to live such a double life? And how does he balance such a serious day job with a silly side gig? Writer Marissa Dykman finds out how Mr. Twister does it all with ease, leaving a trail of smiles and happiness in his wake.

4. Editor’s Choice: Hiking Spots in Lewis County

Steps lead up toward the beginning of the Seminary Hills Trail. ©LewisTalk

Sure, you can hike anytime of year, but enjoying Lewis County’s beautiful hiking trails is especially ideal during the warmer months. From Rainbow Falls State Park to Seminary Hill, Lewis County has some great trails to explore.

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