As park season draws near, you must wonder where the most enjoyable places in Winlock are to walk with your dog, watch a game, let your kids have fun on playground equipment, skateboard, or host a private gathering. Amidst the tall coniferous evergreens and winding backroads of Winlock is the town’s most popular and perhaps its only sizeable outdoor recreational space, Winolequa Park. Winolequa Park is a marvelously maintained and uniquely diverse location along the Olequa River that everyone will enjoy, and it is the perfect choice for your next outdoor excursion.

Can you spot the baby black bear statues on the way in? Locate one of the many parking spots in front of the bathrooms or in the gravel area on the left side of the park. Begin your exploration behind the large, covered picnic area by the green Winolequa Park sign to enjoy a game of horseshoe at the horseshoe pit. There are numerous picnic tables and barbeque pits throughout the area for guests to use. Walk along the other side of the pavilion to explore playground equipment and the covered stage.

Parks in Winlock
Baby Asher enjoys a day playing at Winolequa Park. Photo credit: Rachael Burkle Moore

History of Winlock’s Winolequa Park

The Winlock community joined together to build Winolequa Park in the 1960s and 1970s and created its first and only outdoor recreational space. Two swing sets, a slide, monkey bars, a half-buried tire, and a jungle gym were all donated to the city of Winlock by Winlock Miller Elementary for improvements to the park.

There have been many fundraising efforts for Winolequa Park throughout the years. In 2006 a stage was added to the park, and a $20,000 fundraising campaign was started. This was with hopes of replacing the metal playground equipment and expanding across the Olequa River onto another developable 17 acres, and the community is still eager to reach that goal. The baseball field at Winolequa Park is a dedication to a local 8-year-old boy that died in a car wreck, and the covered picnic area is a tribute to those that lost their lives in the Vietnam War.

Parks in Winlock
Cheer for the Winlock Cardinals baseball team at Winolequa Park. Photo credit: Natosha Burnett

Root For the Winlock Cardinals at Winolequa Park

Winolequa park offers many different fun activities for you and your family to choose from.

Even though this ferny evergreen space is home to the Winlock Cardinals youth baseball team, why not grab your gear and head to one of the two baseball fields for a fun family-style game? Each fully fenced baseball field features dugouts, bleachers, and a concession stand open during games and tournaments.

There is a small basketball court and firepit to enjoy at the back of the park. However, keep your two, and four-legged companions close while they explore. A serene, breathtaking view of the Olequa River awaits you just beyond and is worth checking out before you end your adventure.

summer fun in Lewis County
Spend the whole weekend in the woods surrounded by phenomenal music at Winlock Pickersfest. Photo courtesy: Washington Acoustic Music Association

Attend Winlock Pickersfest at Winolequa Park in the Summer

Come together and immerse yourself in musical merriment with the Winlock Pickersfest each August at Winolequa Park. Originally started in Ryderwood in 1985, Pickersfest now holds its annual event in Winolequa Park. Numerous talented artists feature their Celtic, old-time, and choro music at the Winolequa Park stage, as well as instructional workshops, games, open mics, and so much more! So, make sure to visit their website, so you don’t miss out on this incredible musical mid-summer festival.

For more information on Winolequa Park events or improvements or interest in individual or group volunteering at the park, please contact Parks & Rec by calling 360.740.1495. Winolequa Park is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and is located at the end of Rhoades Road North in Winlock.

Parks in Winlock
Winlock Skate Park will keep you practicing your quarter-pipe skills all afternoon. Photo credit: Natosha Burnett

Winlock Skate Park

If you are looking for a fun place to skate in Winlock, this fully fenced skateboard park is open to both novice and experienced skateboarders and provides a safe place to have fun while improving those quarter-pipe skills.

Before entering, ensure you understand the rules, as they are clearly posted outside the fence facing the street. Benches, trash receptacles, and a water spigot are available, but there are no bathrooms at this location.

With 24-hour surveillance, this park is an easily accessible location for your next skateboarding activity.It is equipped with quarter pipes, numerous handrails and flat rails, a mini ramp, a ledge, and a funbox. Winlock’s Skate Park might seem small, but it is sure to keep you practicing those impressive kick flips all afternoon.

Winlock Skate Park is conveniently located directly across the street from Winlock Miller Elementary School at King Road and NW Dexter Avenue. Visitors are welcome to enter and use the park respectfully at your own risk from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

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