The last year kept us indoors more than we’d like. Spring has us itching to be outside, and few activities are more hair-raisingly in your face than motocross. These intrepid motorcycle racers tackle inclines, hairpin turns and mud with speed, agility and fearlessness. Team RMATVMC (Rocky Mountain ATV MC) has partnered with Tenino’s Sweet Life for the rowdy 2021 season.

Sweet Life
Team RMATVMC motocross club has recently partnered with Tenino’s Sweet Life for the 2021 season. Photo courtesy: David Lando

Sweet Life’s products contain proprietary blends of high-quality supplements combined with CBD and other cannabinoids. “At a high level, there’s a bunch of alignment between a professional sport like motocross racing—super tough on the body, wear and tear, physically demanding—and a quality CBD product line,” says Sweet Life’s Mike Giordano. “Lots of professional athletes from all different circles and types of activity have found success in a solid CBD regimen, and that’s what we are seeing firsthand with the race team collaboration.”

This current partnership came together as many do through a mutual connection. It means that Sweet Life is “the exclusive CBD and CBD Supplement sponsor of the team,” explains Giordano, Sweet Life CEO Jon Sutherland, and Raquel Pace. “We provide the team riders and crew with our products, and even already make some custom-tailored products for certain team member’s needs. We also work closely with the team by seeking other sponsorship opportunities that are a good fit.”

Forrest Butler of Team Rocky Mountain ATVMC agrees. “As a team managed by former racers, we know firsthand what kind of toll our sport takes on an athlete’s body,” he shares. “Coming from this background, it’s not hard to appreciate what a great partnership this is for our team and the benefits that CBD will bring to our sport as a whole.”

As with just about everything in 2020, the process took longer than expected. “There were a lot of unknowns with COVID,” admit the Sweet Life team. But working through the steps will bring continued—and expanded—advertising opportunities and establish them as a resource for other teams in other industries.

Sweet Life
Closer to home, Sweet Life has also partnered with Washougal MX as a 2021 track and event sponsor. Photo courtesy: @everythingfrance

Sweet Life makes products designed as sleep aids, energy boosters, and to conquer joint pain. “Professional athletes and other athletes could greatly benefit from implementing a regimen of the Sweet Moves Topical, Sweet Recovery, Sweet Relief, and our Sweet Drops product line,” says Giordano. “These can help with post-workout and event recovery, anti-inflammation, relaxation, sleep and pain relief.”

But as with any new product, it’s always best to speak with your primary care physician first to avoid harmful drug interactions or unwanted side effects. “Product research is a must for anyone wanting to begin a CBD regimen,” he adds. “As a consumer, there are so many choices out there it’s vital to educate yourself. We see a lot of companies using hempseed oil as a filler and claiming that it’s equivalent to CBD, which is simply not the case. Part of our mission is to provide the education surrounding CBD, CBG, and CBN, in addition to delivering high-quality products for our customers. We want our customers to be able to easily implement solid and effective regimens that positively impact their health.”

Closer to home, Sweet Life’s passion for motocross can be seen regionally this summer. “We love to get out and hang with the race team whenever we can,” says Giordano. “As Washington natives and fans of the sport, we actually partnered with Washougal MX as a 2021 track and event sponsor. You can find us out there this July!”

All Sweet Life products are subjected to rigorous third-party testing. Certificate of Analysis data is clearly posted on their website, and each package comes with a unique QR code linking back to the individualized results as well.

Sweet Life
Sweet Life produces a proprietary blend of B3, caffeine and CBD and comes in several formulations and tinctures. Photo courtesy: David Lando

In 2014, CBD product sales were $108 million nationwide. By 2022, they’re expected to grow to nearly $2 billion in the U.S. alone. You can even find CBD geared towards pets, like Sweet Life’s Sweet Paws drops. They’re constantly working on new formulations geared towards a wider, more diverse audience.

We can’t all dust off our two-stroke and take to the circuit, but cheering trackside is always welcome. If you do have a bike, zip over to the Grays Harbor ORV Park for a rousing afternoon ride. Like Sweet Life staff, they’re local, adventurous and always ready to roll. To learn more about Sweet Life products or place an order, visit the Sweet Life website today.


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