Submitted by The Port of Chehalis

The Port of Chehalis is thrilled to announce its $2.5 million property sale to longtime tenant McCallum Rock Drilling. The Chehalis-based contractor is expanding operations and expects to double its workforce over the next year, creating more than 100 new jobs in Lewis County.

“McCallum Rock Drilling are recognized leaders in their industry, and they offer some of the
highest-paying industrial wages in Lewis County,” Port of Chehalis Commission President Mark Anders said. “This property sale is the largest in the port’s history and a big win for our local economy. We couldn’t be happier that they chose to stay in Chehalis as their business continues to grow.”

McCallum Rock Drilling (MRD) is a full-service rock drilling and blasting contractor that
performs services across the western U.S. MRD performs all applications of drilling and
blasting for large-scale commercial quarries, road and highway construction, residential and commercial development and more. The company purchased the property located at 123 Habein Road for its current operations and to support future growth plans.

MRD was founded by Rich McCallum in 1988 and remains family-owned and operated. Two
of McCallum’s children — Tyler McCallum and Hayley (McCallum) Coronel — purchased
MRD from their father in 2016. At the time, the company employed around 30 people.

Since 2016, the McCallums have grown their business by more than 20% each year and
started additional companies that complement MRD’s services. Their companies now
employ more than 100 people combined. By 2022, the McCallums project will employ
more than 200 people total.

McCallum Powder LLC is one of the companies Tyler McCallum and Hayley Coronel
founded, and part of the McCallums’ future growth plans. The company manufactures,
stores and hauls commercial explosives and is one of the few manufacturers in the U.S. with the specialized equipment and trucks necessary to do so. The additional space at 123
Habein Road will allow the McCallums to continue current operations while increasing the
number of trucks they can manufacture.

“There are only a few manufacturers in the U.S. that produce these specialized truck bodies
needed to haul the explosive products,” said Tyler McCallum, President and Co-owner at
McCallum Rock Drilling and McCallum Powder. “After ordering the first two from one of our
suppliers, we decided to experiment with building them on our own. Thanks to some
talented Lewis County employees, we now make some of the most well-built explosives
hauling trucks in the U.S.”

All three of Rich McCallum’s children attended Chehalis public schools and both Tyler
McCallum and Hayley Coronel reside in Chehalis with their families. MRD was previously
located at 115 Sturdevant Road in the Chehalis Industrial Park.

“We are pleased to continue our investment in the Chehalis community and look forward to
expanding our workforce in Lewis County,” Tyler McCallum said. “We have found high-quality employees here, who share our family values and strong work ethic.”

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