Submitted by Twin Cities Rotary

What is the Giving Tree? It is a Twin Cities Rotary Fundraiser founded by members Bob Cosser and Bill Logan. Nearly 20 years ago, they had the amazing idea to purchase gift certificates for families in need during the holiday season. This idea has grown into a long-standing tradition that has become one of our proudest events. Each year we raise over $20,000 for families in need. These families are presented with Sunbird and Walmart gift certificates with which they can purchase a Christmas gift for their children, or even food for holiday dinners.

How does the process work? We begin by choosing a school district within the county that has families in need. The district selects the families they find to be struggling the most, given that they have contact with students and families throughout the year. After we have raised the money, our members (along with school district staff) personally deliver the families the gift certificates. In the past, we have supported Onalaska, Winlock, and other surrounding districts. For privacy reasons, we are not releasing which district we are supporting this year.

What about this year? During these challenging times, this tradition is more vital than ever before. So many families are struggling financially. Due to this, we are opening this fundraiser to the public. We only ask that you send us a check, or message us a pledge before December 2nd of this year. If you have the wherewithal financially, please consider donating to this amazing cause. Help give a child joy on Christmas morning and relieve struggling families for one day. Send your checks (payable to the Twin Cities Rotary Foundation) to P.O. Box 6 Chehalis, WA 98532.

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