Lewis County AAUW Presents Civil Conversations in an Angry Age

Submitted by Lewis County American Association of University Women

At a time in our nation when tempers flare, agreement vanishes, and relationships fray and break, Lewis County AAUW, in concert with Humanities Washington, is presenting a virtual program, Civil Conversations In An Angry Age, on Thursday, November 5  to help people deal respectfully with their disagreements. The program is open to the public.

Dr. David E. Smith of Humanities Washington will be the speaker for the on-line program which begins at 6:50 p. m.  Smith holds a Ph.D. in religious studies from Temple University and is a professor at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Washington.

In the increasingly divided political environment, Smith provides listeners with the tools needed to embark on more thoughtful and fruitful discussions. He deals with discovering the root causes of civility and incivility and reaching meaningful conversations on notoriously difficult subjects: politics, religion, and morality. Dr. Smith will help listeners take a closer look at those moments when tempers flare, battles ensue, and civility breaks down.

Lewis County AAUW is pleased to present this very timely program to the public to help educate and inform them after dealing with the chaos and stresses of 2020.

Interested persons are required to sign up online in advance to attend the November 5 program by going to https://lewiscounty-wa.aauw.net/ or Humanities.org. Dr. Smith will answer questions after his presentation live and via chat on the Zoom platform.

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