Chehalis School District

Submitted by Chehalis School District

The Washington Roundtable is a nonprofit organization comprised of senior executives of the major private sector business employers in Washington state. For the last decade, the Roundtable has placed Education at the top of the organization’s focus. The public school system in Washington state will produce the future employees, the future workforce, for Washington state businesses and these companies see that they have a strong interest in quality education.

Last year Steve Mullin, President of the Roundtable said this about the Chehalis Student Achievement Initiative: “The Roundtable closely follows the progress of the Chehalis Student Achievement Initiative. There is no more impressive career and college preparation story in public education in this state today.”

Periodically, the Roundtable’s “Partnership for Learning” reports on education successes toward preparing students for college and career. And, today, the Roundtable recognized the Chehalis Student Achievement Initiative in the attached article: Increasing Postsecondary Enrollment: Chehalis SD Case Study.

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