Lewis County lends character through many fun attributes of the towns and cities it holds in the county lines. Each city is specific to its borders with tiny towns found giving so much life through the offerings in small downtowns. From Pe Ell to Morton and all points in between, find lovely coffee houses and cafes as unique as the towns they are hidden in.

The Tin Snug’s Signature Menu Items

Barry’s Tea, an imported Irish black tea coupled with a spot of sugar and splash of milk pairs perfectly with their Lemon Bread.

Coffeehouses Lewis County
The Tin Snug features many unique and fascinating aspects to bring in customers in their wonderful coffeehouse and cafe. Photo credit: Abigail Marie Giese

Located in Pe Ell, The Tin Snug was recently opened by husband and wife, Brian and Karie Cleveland. The owners with strong Irish heritage set out to create a space that was like its namesake. Snug is in reference to the adjacent private space of an Irish pub dedicated to family and close friends and the shop is decorated with Celtic designs. Tin hints at the industrial feel of the 1911 refurbished building. The business is a favorite for residents as well as a destination stop to beach travelers along Highway 6. Enjoy live music and events in a wonderful building filled with charm in a peaceful atmosphere. The open concept seating compliments the very welcoming service. Using local products in partnership with other local businesses, The Tin Snug offers a full menu including sandwiches, soups, salads, local beers and wines and ice cream.

Breakwell Cafe’s Signature Menu Items

Reishi Cocoa is a mushroom wellness latte made by combining adaptogenic mushroom extract, a blend of reishi, chaga, turkey tail, lion’s mane and cordyceps with cocoa powder, cinnamon, coconut sugar and oat milk. It tastes wonderfully like a dark chocolate hot cocoa, with the perfect amount of creamy and simple sweetness. Breakwell also offers locally sourced Sheep Milk Lattes through its partnership with Black Sheep Creamery.

Coffeehouses Lewis County
A glimpse of Breakwell cafe. The counter, seating and menu items have a fun and unusual flair that is inviting. Photo credit: Abigail Marie Giese

Jena Sorenson recently opened Breakwell Cafe inside of Ewe & I in Chehalis. The cafe hosts milk and cheese from the local Black Sheep Creamery and offers many unusual options in food and drinks. The combination of the cafe being in another shop space adds a fun flair. It’s a fantastic spot to relax in an environment that offers interaction and appreciation for fiber arts. Enjoy a combination of sandwiches, soups and salads that are all made with locally sourced and organic products.

Shakespeare & Company’s Signature Menu Items

Golden milk is a lovely non-caffeinated drink. Karen’s soups are amazing and the lavender lemonade is divine.

Shakespeare & Company has baked goods made fresh daily, so the menu changes. Photo courtesy: Shakespeare & Company

In Chehalis find Shakespeare & Company: Coffee and Used Books inside a historic Victorian home that was once a bordello. Cozy up with one of the carefully curated books with an espresso drink and artisan pastry and enjoy the company of the two shop cats. Roasted for them weekly, Shakespeare & Co. is the only place in Lewis County to find Olympia Coffee Roaster’s Coffee. It’s also the only coffeehouse in the area using Olympia’s loose Encore Teas. Owners Karen McSwain and Maureen (Mo) Anderson visit garage and thrift stores to decorate the eclectic space, as well as to find the used books for sale. The coffee shop is an inviting place to unplug, relax and be creative. The space hosts poetry readings, authors, reading parties and more.

Rivers Coffeehouse and Bistro’s Signature Menu Items

The house-made granola is a perfect breakfast. For lunch or dinner, try the fish tacos.

Coffeehouses Lewis County
Rivers Coffeehouse & Bistro bring together a lodge feel in a logging town and offers a great gathering place for all community members.
Photo courtesy: Danielle Belongia Photography

Rivers Coffeehouse and Bistro in Morton boasts a gathering place and it lends itself to that in a perfect way. A quiet, cozy lodge atmosphere complete with a fireplace and comfy seating makes this a wonderful space for locals and travelers. The owners Kurt Rich and Shiloh Reynolds first established the business 17 years ago as the Bean Tree. They offer live music, open mics, paint and sip nights and love community interaction. Inside find a lending library and a children’s play space with toys. They offer a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, espresso bar, homemade pastries, pie and alcohol.

Lemon Tree’s Signature Menu Item

The Blueberry White Chocolate Mocha is an amazing pick me up with the flavor of the area.

In the quiet town of Mossyrock, Lemon Tree Cafe & Espresso is making itself known. Owned by Alicia Thornton, the wonderful café is perfect to grab good food and drinks. The menu presents homemade soups, meatloaf, roasted turkey and more. Fresh bread is made every day and soon there will be homemade pies and pastries. Decorated intentionally with a crisp, clean modern feel, the cafe is a fun spot to sit and chat with friends while enjoying the quiet feel of the town.

The Blueberry Festival is a fun celebration nodding to the area’s agricultural roots. Partnering with Ace Hardware, Lemon Tree provides food, drinks and beer gardens to support the town’s annual events.

Santa Lucia’s Signature Menu Items

Try the Blossom Honey Latte with a homemade chocolate bar or one of their delightful confections.

Coffeehouses Lewis County
Santa Lucia offers the whole cafe experience from the starting of the beans roast, to a finished cup of coffee. Photo credit: Abigail Marie Giese

Bringing coffee to your cup is a wonderful process that Santa Lucia harnesses and imparts to every soul that indulges. Founder of the Centralia coffee shop Justin Page has crafted many specialty features unlike anything else in the area. It’s a wonderful place for meeting space and small community events. Seeing a need for freshly roasted coffee locally and after outgrowing a basement space for roasting, the coffeehouse was birthed in 2002. Now find Page roasting their own beans in-house and creating homemade chocolate bars. By partnering with coffee and honey farmers, known as apiarists in Guatemala, Page has formed wonderful relationships that cultivated some of their most well-known products. Being part of the many hands that are in the process of bringing a cup of coffee to life invigorates the baristas and owners. Stop in and learn about the coffee process and the culture around the world.

Nana and Papa’s Place Signature Menu Items

Combining both of their shop’s offerings, try an affogato. It’s a shot of espresso topped with a scoop of ice cream. The owner’s favorite flavor is pralines and cream ice cream.

Coffeehouses Lewis County
Nana and Papa’s Place holds so many memories and fun experiences in Onalaska coffee and ice cream shop. Photo credit: Abigail Marie Giese

Nana and Papa’s Place is a wonderful quaint coffee and ice cream shoppe in Onalaska. Wanda and Larry Meade are Nana and Papa and partnered with their granddaughter, Yutana Brooks of Brooks Baked Goods to offer a pastry shop in the same building. The quaint building shares many sentimental stories and histories over the years. The Carlisle Old Building was home to Larry’s parents and the front room was where Nana and Papa married 48 years ago. The two family businesses keep the heart of the building alive while welcoming people to spend time, reminisce and enjoy drinks and tasty treats both baked and frozen.

With the wonderful small business owners all around Lewis County, it’s a haven of charming and hidden coffee-house treasures. Each town offers so much personality and that is exuded through the local coffeehouses and cafes. Go explore these hidden gems and try their signature menu items or find a favorite of your own.

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