This October Dick’s Brewing Company in Centralia turns a quarter-century old and they are celebrating with food, fun and beer. The don’t miss party is on Saturday, October 26 from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. with 25 Years of Dick’s Beer!

The anniversary celebration includes the release of three new beers. On tap is Tangerine IPA, a Scotch Ale called Under the Kilt, and Silver Rider, a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout. Find commemorative bottles of Dick Danger Ale available with the original style label and 25 years of Danger sticker.

Dick's Brewing Company Centralia
After her dad’s passing, Julie carried on her dad’s dream and continues operating his businesses. Photo credit: Krysta Carper

Everybody loves local MillTown Wood Fired Pizza. The delicious pizza is the perfect complement to any of Dick’s beers. Enjoy the sounds of live music from The Backburner Band.

Don’t miss the fun brewery tours. Walk around the brewery and learn about the system and process. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn a bit of brewery tidbits and history of Dick’s beers.

The anniversary also marks ten years since Dick’s Brewing Company founder Dick Young passed. He was quoted as saying, “I started brewing beer for one reason, I was thirsty.”

Opening Northwest Sausage & Deli in 1983, Dick first brought in import beer for customers to enjoy. After brewing beer at home, he built a small brewery behind the deli in 1994, becoming one of the first breweries in Washington. With a knack for creating and a passion and desire to learn, Dick perfected over 20 different recipes that are still handcrafted today.

With a nickname of Dick Danger, he named his inaugural beer after himself – Dick Danger Ale. The popular brew is still the best seller.

Dick's Brewing Company Centralia
“We still brew on the same system from the deli,” says Julie. “We are able to keep up with production, but we have the space to grow that thanks to Dad.” Photo credit: Krysta Carper

In 2006, Dick broke ground on the brewery. The dream became a reality when Dick’s Brewing Company opened in 2009. Sadly, Dick passed away that same year. Today, the Dick’s Brew Crew is led by his daughter, Julie Pendleton.

“Dad is missed,” says Julie. “Everybody always says how proud he’d be and that’s good to hear. He would have so much fun when he started the tasting room with his kegerator and bar tables from his garage. We’d get ten people in here and he was pumped. Now we get hundreds and it’s packed. He would have really enjoyed hanging out with all the customers and telling stories or jokes.

Although the brewery’s changed over the last ten years and evolved, customers and former employees still come to the tasting room to remember Dick fondly. “We’ve always had a good time,” says Julie. “It’s the atmosphere here people enjoy. It’s relaxed where everybody’s family and our customers become friends.”

Dick's Brewing Company Centralia
Dick Young in his signature white crewneck with the original logo and Young’s Brewing Co. He changed the name in the late ’90s when he learned there was Young’s Brewing in England. Photo courtesy: Dick’s Brewing Company

Julie remembers growing up living next to the deli and watching her Dad work hard to provide for his family. When Dick built the deli, Julie and her brother played in the dirt and camped out in the coolers before they were turned on. She recalls her childhood filled with adventures of snow skiing, boating and camping.

In 2005, Julie started working alongside her father while he followed his dreams and passions. “I was very fortunate to be able to work with my dad and see him every day,” she says. “We were lucky.”

“He worked hard and expected a lot but at the same time, he would let loose and have fun,” Julie says. “His employees became his friends, and they would go out for beers or a meal after a hard day. He led with that same mentality – let’s work hard so we can enjoy life too.”

Described as a unique leader, Dick is remembered as making work fun and keeping a positive outlook. “He was a good teacher,” says Head Brewer and Brewery Manager Dave Pendleton. “For me, it was always fun to come to work. Every day was interesting.”

One of Dave’s favorite memories with Dick is when it was just the two of them on the top of the building. Working late, the pair ended up drinking a six-pack on the roof and watching the sun go down while chatting. “He didn’t always share a lot and he opened up that night,” says Dave. “He was always easy to talk to and very generous.”

Dick's Brewing Company Centralia
Julie and Dave Pendleton are bringing back the original logo for Dick’s Beer with commemorative merchandise including shirts in a variety of colors, campfire coffee mugs and wine glasses. Photo credit: Krysta Carper

Julie is so grateful for the support the community’s given Dick’s Brewery and Northwest Sausage & Deli all these years. “From them drinking beer, buying beer or sausage and coming to the deli for lunch or dinner, it’s our community keeping us in business,” she says. “Without them, we wouldn’t be able to keep doing what Dad dreamed. I am so thankful to them for their support and belief in us.”

Dick is remembered in every bottle or keg shipped from the brewery and with every beer and meal served at the deli. His vision and dream lives on with his daughter Julie and her husband Dave. Come raise a glass to remember Dick Young on October 26.

Dick’s Brewing Company
3516 Galvin Rd.

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