When I woke up that morning, everything hurt. My whole body was red. My chest and shoulders were forming large, painful blisters. The sunburn covered most of my skin. I could feel its horrible effects, not just on the surface, but deep into my dehydrated body. And I wasn’t the only one.

ZO products are specially formulated to nourish and protect the skin. Photo courtesy: Laser Artistry & Medi Spa.

My older child, who inherited my fair skin, looked like a lobster. My husband, who was mostly tanned, had burned his entire back. Even my younger son, who had been practically immune to sunburns, winced at the unfamiliar sensation of his tender red skin.

This morning followed the final day of our family road trip to California. The overcast sky on this pleasantly warm day had lulled me into a false sense of security. After spending time at the aquarium, we had lunch and made our way to the waterpark. For most of the afternoon, we reclined on inner tubes and floated around the lazy river. We enjoyed the warm breeze blowing up from the coast and the occasional sunshine breaking through the clouds. Our vacation, which began in Olympia, took us down the Oregon Coast and through the redwoods with stops in San Francisco, Disneyland and LEGO Land. That relaxing day was the perfect end to our family road trip.

Except for one big mistake.

From Waxing to facials, Chloe Johnson has a variety of treatments and products to keep your skin looking great all season long. Photo courtesy: Laser Artistry & Medi Spa.

Though I had been dutiful with family sunscreen applications the entire trip, I didn’t insist on taking the time to sunscreen everyone after lunch. I couldn’t see the sun overhead warning me.

We checked out of the hotel and began the two days it would take to drive home. The sunburns took their toll. Our dehydrated children got road sick. The car couldn’t stay cool enough for anyone’s comfort. Oppressive sun beat through the windows. The blisters worsened. I felt like I’d ruined the family vacation with one mistake.

When I look back now on all my bad summer memories, almost all of them involve a sunburn.

“Sunscreen is the most important self-care tip I can recommend to anyone,” says Chloe Johnson, esthetician at Laser Artistry & Medi Spa. “I recommend applying a mineral SPF 30 or greater every two hours or directly after water exposure.”

Step in from the summer heat and relax at Laser Artistry & Medi Spa. Photo courtesy: Laser Artistry & Medi Spa.

Sun exposure increases visible effects of aging in the form of wrinkles. It also increases uneven pigmentation and sun damage aggravates some skin conditions such as rosacea. Worst of all, it leads to skin cancer. Washington State has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the country. Regular and diligent application of sunscreen can protect against sun damage.

Laser Artistry & Medi Spa has a number of skincare treatments that boost daily skincare regimens to keep your skin in peak condition. They offer a variety of ZO Skin Heath facials that hydrate, nourish and protect. Customers can choose from a hydrating facial, which helps replenish moisture; a brightening facial, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and targets pigmentation concerns; and an ultra-renew facial treatment, which deep cleans the pores and works well with acne-prone, oily or rosacea skin.

Another popular treatment Chloe provides is dermaplaning. This involves gentle resurfacing of the face to remove dead skin cells and the vellus, which are the tiny hairs that some people have on their faces, often called peach fuzz. This exfoliating procedure is great for all skin types.

Laser Artistry & Medi Spa also has a variety of ZO Skin Health products available to purchase, from cleansers and moisturizers to sunscreens. Chloe can recommend a product that fits the client’s specific skincare needs. ZO products will be offered at a discount of 25 percent off regular price for June as well.

Every few hours, our family stopped what we were doing to reapply sunscreen, until that final day. Photo credit: Holly Reed.

Chloe can also provide full body waxing services to get customers ready for the beach. Waxing is a great way to remove hair and also reduce the amount that grows back. During the summer, Brazilian, bikini and underarm waxing is very popular. Chloe is also available to wax legs, arms, faces and anywhere people would like to remove unwanted body hair. She offers soft and hard wax. During the month of June, Laser Artistry & Medi Spa will be offering waxing specials and $10 off a brow and tint, and $15 off a Brazilian wax.

In addition to regular sunscreen use and Laser Artistry & Medi Spa’s skincare treatments, there’s another thing people can do – not just for skin but the whole body – hydration. Skincare products can only do so much. The products work by adding back vitamins and nutrients to the skin, adding moisture to the surface layers and providing a protective barrier which helps lock moisture in and prevent environmental damage. Give your body an extra boost by getting plenty of hydrating fluids and eating water-rich foods, like cucumbers and watermelon, that will keep you feeling great and looking good.

When the body becomes dehydrated, the skin is one of the first places to suffer, as vital organs hoard water for use in the most essential places. By staying hydrated, you can keep your skin, and your whole body, looking and feeling its best.

Our family has a lot of great memories from that trip, but we will never forget the sunburns. Now we are diligent about regular sunscreen applications whether we are on vacation or around town.

Laser Artistry & Medi Spa is located at 1220 West 1st Street, Suite B in Centralia. Visit the Laser Artistry & Medi Spa website to see the services and products they offer or call them at 360-753-4221 to schedule an appointment.


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