*The 2018 Murder Mystery Dinner has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

The Annual Twin Cities Rotary Murder Mystery Dinner is a night full of food, drink, fun and – of course – murder. By following the evidence and listening to the suspects’ incriminating statements, guests can sleuth out the culprit of the gruesome crime. Audience members gather clues from the plot and use them to deduce the identity and motive of the murderer. Following the production, attendees vote on who they think the murderer is. One of the people who guess correctly will receive a grand prize.

Twin Cities Rotary Club has been organizing the Murder Mystery Dinner event for over five years. Photo courtesy: Twin Cities Rotary.

This is a themed event, so audience members are invited to dress the part. There is usually a prize for best costume, so don’t be afraid to go all out.

The Murder Mystery Dinner is hosted annually by Twin Cities Rotary Club. This local group of generous professionals take on local and international projects relating to education, health and economic growth. Proceeds from Murder Mystery Dinners support their important work.

Twin Cities Rotary Club uses event proceeds to fund projects like their scholarship at Centralia College and support of Washington Business Week, in which high school students learn business skills through simulated experiences with local community leaders. Funds also support Rotary Club’s literacy projects such as the Rotary Literacy Corner at Valley View Health Center in Chehalis. This program gives away free books to an average of four hundred children every month.

Lavish costumes are a highly anticipated part of Murder Mystery Dinners. Photo courtesy: Twin Cities Rotary.

“The more people who come to the event, the more we are able to do good things in the community,” says Dale Merten, current Twin Cities Rotary President and Chief Operating Officer of ToledoTel. “I guarantee people will have fun and laugh.”

Twin Cities Rotary Club meets at 7:00 a.m. every Friday at the Holiday Inn Express in Chehalis. Todd Chaput, the Manager of the hotel, is also a Rotary Club member and enthusiastic supporter of their work.

Last year’s Murder Mystery Dinner theme was Murder at the Winery, hosted at the Washington Hotel. The event’s organizer, Jakob McGhie, says, “These events are always a good time. Last year was amazing; we had our then-president Anil Puri play the part of a wine maker from old world Italy. When it was revealed he was the murderer, he delivered a now famous line, ‘I don’t get no respect!’ That is now legendary.

You’ll laugh along with the cast’s antics as you determine who dunnit. Photo courtesy: Twin Cities Rotary.

“One of our characters last year was a German wine merchant adorned in classic German Lederhosen,” McGhie says. “His German accent was both amazing and terrible. These plays are filled with caricatures of recognizable tropes and tons of silly accents.”

Keep an eye out for Twin Cities Rotary’s next murder mystery dinner. It promises to be a thrillingly good time.


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