Military Funeral Honors are a way for America to show its respect and gratitude for all veterans. These honors are available at no expense to any veteran who requests them from the Department of Defense, and this is only one of the funerary benefits offered to veterans at little or no cost.

Sticklin Funeral Chapel of Centralia works with veterans and their families to prepare funeral services in advance or at time of need.

Memorial Displays
Memorial displays are an important part of funeral services. Photo credit: Sara Light-waller

“A majority of survivors of veterans don’t know what to expect in the way of benefits,” says Daniel La Plaunt, Manager of Sticklin Funeral Chapel. “Veterans benefits do not come automatically, you have to apply for them.”

Some of these benefits include: limited reimbursement for funeral or cremation expenses, American flags with which to drape the casket or urn, burial space in a veterans national cemetery, and a government headstone or grave marker.

It’s a sad fact that not every veteran has a living family or the means to pay for their own burial. Sticklin Funeral Chapel understands this and sponsors a homeless veteran program which covers the cost of burial expenses for veterans with no living relatives or the financial means to pay for a funeral.

Malynda Wilson
Sticklin staff member, Malynda Wilson, explains services for veterans. Photo credit: Sara Light-Waller

Planning Ahead

Sticklin Funeral Chapel wants to help veterans become better informed. They offer the Veterans Planning Guide as a way for veterans and their families to understand what benefits are available. This 56-page booklet explains in detail the benefits offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs. It includes important facts about benefits for veterans, information about veterans’ organizations such as the Disabled American Veterans and the American Legion. It also has tear-out applications for burial benefits, military funeral honors, presidential memorial certificates and how to receive replacement military medals. There’s also a toll-free compassion helpline number for veterans and their families to call if they have questions or concerns.

“I’ve heard it over and over again,” says La Plaunt, “that the VA is taking care of everything. It’s not true and many have been caught unprepared.”

Veterans Planning Guide
The Veterans Planning Guide is offered by Sticklin Funeral Chapel at no cost. Photo credit: Sara Light-Waller

When death occurs, it is often unexpected and requires many decisions in a short time. By planning ahead, you can have the peace of mind to know that important decisions have already been made.

“For peace of mind now and to remove the burden from your loved ones in the future, I would encourage any veteran or family to contact us at Sticklin’s for their own Veterans Planning Guide. Let us help you to plan ahead.”

Outstanding Customer Service

Sticklin Funeral Chapel takes great pride in their customer service. “We devote time to each family making sure that no benefit has been overlooked.”

Memorial displays are an important part of funeral services, adding a personal touch to the celebration of life. Sticklin’s staff can make recommendations for what to bring and also help you with the display. “We are here to help craft a very personal celebration of life for every veteran,” says La Plaunt.

Sticklin Funeral Chapel
Sticklin Funeral Chapel in Centralia. Photo credit: Sara Light-Waller

Many of the brave men and women who have defended our country in life, do not receive the respect they deserve in death. This may be because a veteran’s family or his or her funeral home is unaware of the benefits that are available. Or it may be that the family simply does not know the veteran’s final wishes. In either case, by planning ahead you can make arrangements that will honor and respect your brave, beloved veteran.

“Even after the funeral service, we are here to help with any new developments or questions a family may have,” says La Plaunt.

Contact Sticklin Funeral Chapel to receive your free copy of the Veterans Planning Guide and to speak with them about funeral benefits for veterans.


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