Submitted by the Boys and Girls Club

With the suspension of schools and workplaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our community is facing challenges unlike anything previously encountered. However, it has brought tremendous pride to watch Boys and Girls Clubs across the state work with their community partners to provide critical services to the communities they serve doing everything from distributing food, water and supplies, to expanding hours and caring for the children of those who provide essential support to our community.L&E Bottling

Starting Monday, March 23 at 7:30 a.m., we will open our Chehalis Club back up. We are inviting ANY parent or guardian who works in healthcare, serves as a first responder or fulfills other essential services to our community AND who needs a safe place for their child to be, to register for our Emergency Youth Support program. If you have an alternative, safe options that keeps your child at home, we do ask that you respect the need for social distancing and not enroll.

Click here to register or to view more information.

Our incredible board of directors has been working closely with several community partners including the Chehalis School District and our local health department to determine the best way to open and protect the health of our kids, their families, our staff and the community. We are continuing to work with community partners to find ways to financially support this program through the end of the school closure period (April 24). We are hoping to not pass along the additional cost of this program to our families during these difficult economic times. If you are interested in making a donation in support of these families, please click here.

If you find yourself in an immediate crisis, please reach out to us or utilize our United Way’s 2-1-1 line. Simply dial 2-1-1 to gather free and confidential information on local resources for food, housing, employment, health care, counseling and more.

Although times are challenging, and many of us are facing hardships that we never expected to face this year, I hope it brings you some joy to watch the many incredible organizations across our community come together to provide support and help lighten the burdens. One of the Club’s priority outcomes is Good Character & Citizenship. I hope each of our Club families can find an opportunity during this period to model and practice this important value.

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