Ceramic artist Karen Betts of Chehalis spreads holiday cheer throughout Chehalis, Centralia and beyond with her delightful holiday windows. First painting custom scenes for businesses and homeowners as a fundraiser for Art Club at W.F. West High School from 1977-1980, since 1986 Holiday Windows by Karen Betts is an outstanding painter of storefront windows, banner signs, and all manner of art and advertising throughout the county.

Holiday Windows by Karen Betts
The windows at Jeremy’s Farm to Table really pop with added lights. Photo courtesy: Holiday Windows by Karen Betts

Karen and her husband Godfrey are also the owners and operators of Gaean Allusions Pottery. Together with their daughter Freya, the trio creates beautiful and utilitarian pottery pieces.

Karen, who studied illustration at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle loves the big canvas that glass windows provide to create a magical holiday or pictorial scene. If you’ve ever driven past Jeremy’s Farm to Table, Chehalis Professional Building dentists or walked by Book N Brush’s festive holiday display, those bright letters and vivid scenes on the windows are hers. Karen and Freya also painted the Christmas Train designed and built by Terry Harris located across from the Gail and Carolyn Shaw Aquatics Center in Chehalis.

Holiday Windows by Karen Betts
Complete with an elf hat, Karen Betts after painting at Chehalis City Hall. Photo courtesy: Holiday Windows by Karen Betts

There’s something old-fashioned about window painting. They are unique and handcrafted with the utmost care. In a sea of the stark and uniform look of corporate graphics, window painting is a community-based artistic expression. It’s often the local, mom-and-pop businesses in the historic downtown corridors that feature the custom designs. “Painting windows keeps me in touch with the community,” says Karen. “I love taking their ideas and coming up with art on the spot.”

For one of a kind and personalized holiday décor this year, let Karen help you create the perfect custom design for your business or even home. For more information contact Karen through her Facebook page, Holiday Windows by Karen Betts or text/call 360-269-5915.

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