Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates has an all-star Physical Therapy Team

Brenda broke her ankle eight years ago and never fully recovered. I met Brenda during her physical therapy session with Scott Duncan at Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates in their Olympia office. She turned to Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates to get her back on her feet again. Mobility is important, not only to Brenda but to the community of people that she cares for in her close-knit Olympia neighborhood. “I take care of my 78 year-old Mom along with some elderly neighbors,” shares Brenda.

Rhonda Stevens was a hairdresser before she went to school to be a PT Assistant. Photo credit: Carrie Bell.

During the football season she hosts Seahawks watching parties in her home for many who would otherwise be alone. Among those in her care is a 98-year-old woman who counts on Brenda to be in good health.

“You are making the world a better place Brenda,” says Scott Duncan, her physical therapist as he does some soft tissue work on Brenda’s ankle.

“I love coming to this clinic,” shares Brenda. “Everyone is so welcoming and helpful.” Scott Duncan goes through her exercises with her so she can continue to work at home, providing written instructions with photos so there is no confusion. Brenda will need about eight physical therapy sessions with Scott before she will be able to resume caring for the collection of people that have become family to her. His next patient waits on the table and we all chat about what makes the clinic so special.

“We have been voted Best Place to Work in the South Sound and the patients can feel the good vibes that we enjoy here.” Duncan moves from patient to patient, always with a smile and a positive attitude. “Physical Therapists are always number one or two in job satisfaction every year,” shares Duncan. Perhaps this is because they spend every day getting people healthy and moving again without pain. Duncan treats the whole patient not just the site of injury. “Dr. Hess sets the tone,” adds Duncan. “He is so kind to patients and staff alike.”

“Ninety-nine percent of patients that suffer a foot injury will also experience pain in their hips, knees or lower back,” explains Duncan. “The body compensates for the injury and we address it all.” Each year over half of all Americans will experience a musculoskeletal condition that requires physical therapy.

Meet Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan encourages his patients to be their healthiest selves. Photo credit: Carrie Bell.

Scott Duncan has been a Physical Therapist for 17 years, since graduating from Physical Therapy school at Creighton University in Nebraska. Duncan loves helping people reach their health goals. “We have so many ways that we can help our patients here at Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates,” shares Duncan. Soft tissue work, massage and therapeutic electrical stimulation are just a few of the tools in Duncan’s toolbox. “Health is so important and I love being able to share that knowledge with my patients,” he adds.

Meet Rhonda Stevens

Rhonda Stevens is one of two PT Assistants at Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates. Stevens massages the feet of her patient as she shares how much she loves her job. “I love helping people,” she says. Her patient, Mary Moore, suffers from neuropathy in her feet. Regular physical therapy at Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates is helping her to regain the feeling in her feet. “I love coming here,” shares Moore. “Everyone is so friendly and makes me feel comfortable.” She smiles for a picture and tells me how much she enjoys her PT sessions.

“I tell my patients that they fix themselves,” shares Stevens. “We just give them the tools to do it.”

Meet Taylor Reed

Taylor Reed suffered his own injury that required physical therapy and got him interested in a PT career. Photo credit: Carrie Bell.

Taylor Reed is the third member of the Physical Therapy team at Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates. Reed was planning to go into a career in social work when he tore his MCL and needed physical therapy himself. “During my own physical therapy I realized that a career in PT would satisfy my desire to help people,” shares Reed.

Reed has been working at Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates for a year and a half and is grateful that he made an adjustment in his career choice. “This is a fun place to come to work every day,” he says. “Everyone from the patients to staff make each day interesting and enjoyable.”

Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates has five locations to serve you with physical therapy available in their Centralia, Yelm and Tumwater offices. For more information visit the Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates website or call 360-754-3338.


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