TJ Guyer and Cornerstone Carpet & Upholstery Are Dedicated To Providing Clean Homes

TJ Guyer, a property management group located in Chehalis, is in the business of providing the local community with a place to call home. Cornerstone Carpet & Upholstery, a carpet cleaning service with locations in Chehalis and Olympia, is in the business of keeping those homes fresh and clean. Together, the two companies are the perfect match.

“We are the perfect marriage – both companies want people to live comfortably,” Pat Beach-Tessman, owner of Cornerstone Carpet, says. “We want their floors to be clean enough for their children to play on them without worry.”

Tj Guyer's Carpet Cleaning Company
A Cornerstone Carpet employee using the latest methods to clean effectively. Photo courtesy: Pat Beach-Tessman.

Pat started Cornerstone Carpet almost 12 years ago. One of the things that makes his company stand out from the competition is its dedication to education. All of his technicians are IICRC certified. In order to be certified, technicians must take a two-day seminar, pass a test and then participate in continuing education and re-testing. This helps Pat and his team make sure they stay up-to-date on the latest technology and methods for their industry.

Fred Lofgren, owner of TJ Guyer, started working with Cornerstone Carpet about four years ago. They were looking for a new carpet cleaner and Pat happened to be available. Since then, he is their go-to carpet cleaner.

“Pat is honest, reliable, conscientious and offers fair prices,” Maggi Beckett, Office Coordinator for TJ Guyer, says. “He is always polite and helpful to the residents and is available after hours when an emergency happens.”

Cornerstone Carpets Van
Cornerstone Carpets & Upholstery service both commercial and residential properties with their professional staff and techniques. Photo courtesy: Pat Beach-Tessman

The property management company depends on Pat to give a fair and thorough assessment of the condition of the carpet, because this determines if the carpet gets cleaned or replaced, and how much to charge the tenant, especially in the case of pet stains, Maggi explains.

While Pat has seen pretty much everything that can happen to a carpet – from hair straightener burns to stains of every type, pet-related damage is usually the worst. Amazingly, he is sometimes able to clean even very soiled carpet to acceptable standards.

Cleaning carpets is definitely a science. Cornerstone Carpet uses a combination of steam cleaning and chemicals to get the job done. Pat says that all of their chemicals are kid and pet safe.

“We have to breathe and work around those chemicals too,” Pat says. “We wouldn’t use something that was harmful.”

Cornerstone Carpet & Upholstery does residential along with commercial properties. He explains that most carpet manufacturers recommend carpets get cleaned every 12 to 18 months. If you have kids or pets, he adds, they should be done every 6 to 8 months. A professional cleaning can extend the life of your carpet, but it also keeps your family healthier.

Carpet cleaning before and after
This room is halfway through it’s Cornerstone Carpet treatment. You can see the difference from the top (clean part) and the corner that still needs to be done. Photo courtesy: Pat Beach-Tessman.

“Our professional cleaning methods get what the vacuum can’t,” Pat says. “Anything outside gets tracked inside. This includes dust, deep down grime, pollen, mites, dander, et cetera.” As you can imagine, you shouldn’t be breathing these in or letting your kids crawl around on it. For allergy suffers, it can mean the difference between being stuffed up and being able to breathe freely.

Since Pat is dedicated to providing people with a clean and safe living environment, he doesn’t just focus on the carpets when he answers a call. He pays attention to the overall cleanliness of the dwelling and lets the owner or property manager know if something needs attention.

“Besides cleaning carpets, Pat extracts water from leaks and hot water heater breaks,” says Maggi. “When needed, he provides fans and blowers to dry the floor. He will even pull back the carpet to put a blower underneath and removes the pad if needed.” He has a product he uses called Microband that kills germs and prevents mildew, which is just another way Cornerstone Carpet helps TJ Guyer protect the families who live in their properties.

If you are looking for your next home, visit TJ Guyer’s website or call 360-784-4683. For more information on commercial and residential carpet cleaning services, visit Cornerstone Carpet & Upholstery’s website or call 360-736-6942.


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