Sunshine brings out the wild and crazy in us all. And nothing takes better advantage of a little free vitamin D like roaring off in a new (or new to you), lifted, tricked-out pick-up truck from South Sound Trucks. Whether you’re headed to the beach or a drive-in movie, trucks are so much more than just a tool for hauling firewood or towing trailers.

Consumer purchasing reports show that in May 2016 auto sales were “down 6.1 percent overall… [but] if you split cars from pickup trucks, SUVs, vans and crossovers (considered the light-truck segment), the differences are even more pronounced. Passenger cars are down by 16 percent while the light-truck segment is up almost 2.5 percent.”

South Sound Trucks
Whether shopping for a new or used truck or tricking out your long-time hauling buddy, let South Sound Trucks give you the ride of your dreams. Photo courtesy: South Sound Trucks

Brian Edwards, the self-proclaimed “sales manager since day one,” loves this current growth trend. He finds that business has steadily grown and “last month we set a store record, selling 89 vehicles.”

The focus, though, isn’t just on sales. At South Sound Trucks, “we put customers first,” says Edwards. “We have happy customers!” With almost 100 rave reviews online, their team of seven sales members and two managers are all “super, super knowledgeable” about lifted trucks, SUVs, and RVs.

They also work in and for our community. South Sound Trucks is participating in a golf tournament fundraiser this month at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and offers frequent blog posts about practical and educational topics.

Thanks to an on-site partnership with Washington Auto Credit, “we don’t turn anybody away” adds Edwards. Their vehicle inventory of 300-400 means there’s a new ride for every taste, budget, and credit history.

South Sound Trucks
With lifted trucks, RVs, accessories and a full-service shop, South Sound Trucks is your local shop for toys and more. Photo courtesy: South Sound Trucks

Want the VIP treatment? Simply browse their extensive online inventory then call the Olympia (888-289-5111) location and the vehicle will be ready and waiting on your arrival, no matter which of their five locations it came from.

Unlike many dealerships which dispose of older models, at South Sound Trucks, their service team keeps and fixes “even the old stuff,” says Edwards. They can install accessories like custom wheels, tires, and lift kits on your beloved four-wheeled baby or turn a new-to-you purchase into the truck of your dreams.

All preowned vehicles sold are warrantied and currently come with a $0.99 first oil change special and free Carfax report. South Sound Trucks is open seven days a week and has a dedicated Internet manager for any online inquiries.

Not sure what you’re in the market for? Check out the Truck of the Month or their page of monthly specials. Still not sure what’s right for you? Stop by their Olympia location at 2015 SW Cooper Point Road and wander, ask questions, get a trade-in estimate, or apply for financing.

South Sound Trucks
South Sound Trucks is easy to spot and will turn your 4-wheeled baby into an equally showstopping masterpiece. Photo courtesy: South Sound Trucks.

Truck sales overall are increasing, thanks to a booming housing market and lower overall fuel costs. The Wall Street Journal determined that in May, 890,513 trucks were sold in the US, up more than 20,000 over the previous year.

Few big purchases can be check both the work and play box in life. A truck is endlessly handy to have around and tricking it out makes it infinitely cooler. Let the team at South Sound Trucks work their magic and put a little fun back into everyday life.

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